No two performances of any composition are ever the same.
Nor are any two Lucas Domansky LDMS Music Servers.
Our servers aren’t just customisable: they’re truly custom!

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Lucas Audio Labs introduces the Lucas Domansky Music Server (LDMS)

There are plenty of high-end music servers on the market, most of which can be customised to some extent. However, the LDMS is truly bespoke. Whilst we maintain the same exceptionally high base specification for every customer, we tailor your server to deliver the kind of sound you love. We also offer a wide choice of finishes, so your LDMS blends in physically and stands out musically.

Our servers aren’t just customisable: they’re truly custom!

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It is with great pleasure that Lucas Audio Labs introduces the Lucas Domansky Music Server (LDMS). This digital music server is the result of many years of intensive research and development in order to achieve the ultimate in digital sound reproduction. Many fellow audiophiles around the world have reached the conclusion that this device manages to address most of the shortcomings that plague the digital domain, resulting in music reproduction which is more refined, immersive and utterly authentic, having superb rhythm and flow, clear and crisp midrange, more realistic timbre, greater speed, presence and body, with a holographic sound-stage. However, words are cheap – it really has to be heard to be believed.
The best way to determine the performance of this device for yourself, and what it can do for your musical pleasure, is to arrange a listening session in your own listening environment at home.

Featuring unique optimisation techniques in the system architecture and software and a bespoke hardware implementation for virtually jitter-free playback, including:


Our products speak better than words!

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Perfect solution for any system!


Entry level
  • + Customer Support
  • + WiFi
  • LDMS Family Club membership*
  • 1h Remote Assistance Free*
  • - Free Software Updates
  • Roon Bridge
  • UPnP
Entry Level


Best Price to Performance ratio & Tech trickled downdown from The Maxmus
  • + SPDiF Level 2 BNC*
  • + Custom wiring*
  • + LDMS Family Club membership
  • + Two Free Software Updates
  • Roon Core
  • UPnP
  • Flexible front end
  • + Video Streaming*
Best Seller


DSD upsampling server
  • + Custom Wiring
  • + 24/7 Customer Support
  • + LDMS Family Club membership
  • + Remote Assistance
  • + Four Free Software Updates
  • + Roon Core
  • + UPnP
  • + VOD Streaming
  • + DSP & geometry correction

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If you’re anything like me, your journey into audio upgrades probably began innocently enough with a simple amplifier swap or maybe a new DAC. But as we all know, once you start down that path, there’s always something else to chase after, something you didn’t even realize was missing until you heard it.

How to order

Working with us is simple!



Let’s get to know each other. To tell us what you are looking for and which solution interests you, simply write to us or call us.

Concept and Finishes

We will present you with a recommendation that is ideal for your audio system. At this stage you can decide on the variant of your LDMS as well as its styling, finishes and colours. You can also choose the accessories and cables that you need.


Order allocation into production queue

At this stage, we’re already halfway there. You’ve made your decision and placed your order and we will have created a serial number and allocated you a place in the production queue.

Bespoke configuration and assembly

The creation of your server, with its bespoke configuration and finish, usually takes between 10 and 14 days. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

48-hour stress testing and evaluation

Your completed server will be subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that it performs flawlessly. We want to be 100% sure that it will deliver complete satisfaction before we ship it to you.

Shipping and deployment

At this final stage, your server will be securely packed and shipped. We will send you the tracking number and schedule a deployment date when we can undertake remote set-up.